New Order

·      All estimate prices are subject to change after 6 months.

·      All quotations are exclusive of tax, shipment & special processing.

·      A 50% Deposit is required prior to beginning an order. Manufacturing begins upon receipt of Deposit, Fabric and Trimming.

·      Balance is due upon completion. MILO Accepts Checks, Bank Transfers and Credit cards ( a 2% processing fee is added to the total amount if client uses credit card)

·      MILO request a detailed Purchase Order in writing to give our craftsmen detailed instructions.

·      The Designer must write & sign specifications for any and all adjustments made to the order.

·      All fabrics sent to the workroom must be specified.  (Pattern, Ref#, Client’s Name, Site, Room, Yards, etc.)

·      MILO workroom is not responsible for any reactions a fabric may have due to weather or misusage of end user.

·      Lead-time is determined on a project-to-project basis.


·      All cancelations must be submitted in writing and signed by Designer.

·      MILO workroom will not give a full refund after job is started.  A refund will be calculated depending on job status.

·      MILO workroom is not responsible for fabric that is cut prior to cancellation.


·      Client must hire a third party trucking company for pick up and deliveries Or Client can request MILO workroom to work with a partner for pick up and deliveries.

·      Trucking company becomes responsible for everything once orders have left the workroom. MILO workroom is not hold accountable for lost, damages, misplacements, etc. by trucking company.

·      To ensure that orders will fit the property's doors and/or freight elevator, MILO workroom recommends that all necessary measurements be taken into account.

·      MILO workroom is not responsible if measurements are not specified and furniture does not fit in the property's door and/or elevator.

 Failure of Policy

·      MILO workroom is obliged to terminate our business relationship if terms and conditions are not followed.